• When I first consulted Amanda I was suffering from RSI that was preventing me from doing my job as a writer. My right wrist, arm, shoulder and back had seized up and I was unable to type. The pain had not been alleviated by several months of physio, wearing a wrist brace, applying ice packs and taking large quantities ...read more
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    Pain Care Clinic Case Studies

    All Pain Care Clinic client consultations and records are confidential.

    The Pain Care Clinic UK would like to thank those clients who generously consented to these detailed case studies being published for the information of others. Client confidentiality has been maintained at all times, and the names used are not clients’ real names.

    These case studies are based on our clinical records of client consultations. They include the results of standard tests measuring changes in physical movement and levels of pain over time.

    In the general absence of scientific research and funded clinical trials we hope that these case studies will add to the growing evidence to support the effectiveness of myofascial release ( MFR ) as a complementary therapy for complex pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, headaches and migraine, neck and back pain, RSI, TMJ & jaw pain.

    [Case studies coming soon]

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