• When I first consulted Amanda I was suffering from RSI that was preventing me from doing my job as a writer. My right wrist, arm, shoulder and back had seized up and I was unable to type. The pain had not been alleviated by several months of physio, wearing a wrist brace, applying ice packs and taking large quantities ...read more
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    TMJ & Jaw Pain

    Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, AKA jaw joint dysfunction, is a serious and painful condition that affects the jaw joints and the surrounding muscles.

    TMJ is characterised by limited and painful movement of the jaw. The joint may click when opened and shut. Common causes of TMJ syndrome include stress, which results in clenching of the jaw and tooth grinding, congenital misalignment of the teeth or jaw, or extensive dental work.  TMJ is often accompanied by tinnitus.

    Qualified medical advice should be sought before starting a course of complementary therapy. Historically the medical treatment for TMJ has included surgery and implants although this has been controversial and a more conservative approach now tends to be taken including medication, dental splints, behavioural and physical therapy.

    Myofascial release and advanced massage techniques for clients with TMJ syndrome involves working on the muscles and soft tissues of the neck, shoulders, jaw and head.

    Please see case studies and testimonials.

    The Pain Care Clinic specialises in myofascial release and advanced massage therapy for private clients with medical diagnoses of chronic pain conditions and acute pain or injuries.
    The information on these pages is intended to be general information only.
    If you are unsure about your own medical diagnosis or options for medical treatment then please consult a doctor.