• When I first consulted Amanda I was suffering from RSI that was preventing me from doing my job as a writer. My right wrist, arm, shoulder and back had seized up and I was unable to type. The pain had not been alleviated by several months of physio, wearing a wrist brace, applying ice packs and taking large quantities ...read more
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    Injuries & Acute Pain

    Acute pain may be caused by injuries resulting from one-off accidents such as car accidents or sports injuries. Acute pain may also be the result of invasive surgery.

    The immediate reaction of the body to injury is inflammation which is typically identified by swelling, heat, redness and acute pain in the injured area.  Inflammation should be treated immediately using the RICE protocol:

    • Rest
    • Ice
    • Compression
    • Elevation

    An acute injury will usually start to subside after a few days and therapy may begin once the inflammation has gone.

    In the early stages of an acute pain injury it is generally not possible to work directly on the injury, although it may be possible to work around the area to reduce muscle spasm and increase blood flow.

    If left untreated for too long, acute pain may develop into chronic pain.

    Sports Injuries


    The Pain Care Clinic specialises in myofascial release and advanced massage therapy for private clients with medical diagnoses of chronic pain conditions and acute pain or injuries.
    The information on these pages is intended to be general information only.
    If you are unsure about your own medical diagnosis or medical treatment then please consult a doctor.