• When I first consulted Amanda I was suffering from RSI that was preventing me from doing my job as a writer. My right wrist, arm, shoulder and back had seized up and I was unable to type. The pain had not been alleviated by several months of physio, wearing a wrist brace, applying ice packs and taking large quantities ...read more
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    Pain Care Clinic Workshops

    At Pain Care Clinic we encourage and support clients to help themselves by providing general information about medical conditions and suggestions for exercises and other activities to do in between therapy sessions. These can help to extend the pain-free time between sessions and to reduce the number of therapy sessions needed. They can also help with future well-being and healthy maintenance of recovery.

    As an added extra we also run good value, informative workshops highlighting practical self-help techniques for clients, their friends and family, and other people interested in myofascial release and complementary therapies.

    Workshops are held in Brighton & Hove, and in London.

    If you would like to be notified about future myofascial release workshops, then please
    email us
    so we can add you to our mailing list. We are also happy to respond to requests for bespoke myofascial release and advanced massage training and workshops.

    Workshop 1: Myofascial Connections

    An informative and relaxing one-day introduction to the myofascial body, fascial stretching techniques, and the mind body connection.

    • Learn about how your body works
    • Practise myofascial stretching techniques
    • Explore visualisation techniques and reflective journaling for well-being

    Workshop 2: Myofascial Self-Help

    A further one-day course for those living with pain and for friends and family who want to explore the self-help potential of myofascial release to use between therapy sessions.

    • Learn about the properties of fascia
    • Explore the relationship between fascial, the nervous system, and pain
    • Practise hands-on bodywork techniques on each other